Friday, January 30, 2009

The wife I love....

Well its been a bit since I have blogged and now that I am home I should have more time, I just wanted to post a quick one to let everyone know that my wife is... well here is the back story you can decide.
So to set the stage its 0428 this morning and we are both in bed asleep:
Samantha says 'Hey Joe' in that cute little pathetic kid voice she has, which is enough to wake me up and I say " yeah?" She replies with " Can you go get me a drink?' Now I am really awake. She just woke me up to get her a drink? So when I ask her "What!?" She calmly informs me that it is cold out from under the covers and she doesn't want to go all the way down stairs. On the face of it seems reasonable, except she then gets up and goes to the bathroom and again asks ME to go down stairs and get her a drink. Now there is one thing that I have learned, some times its better to just give in then fight about the little stuff, so I got to be cold and go get her a drink and then be colder again because she wanted her Kindle that was downstairs so she could read and fall back asleep. Its a very good thing shes cute.


Lishak said...

LOL...the wives of the world are happy that our husbands love us!
Too funny. You must love your wife a lot...especially if you went twice! :)

Miss Hope said...

Now THAT'S a good man!