Friday, January 16, 2009

He's home......

He's home. Home Coming was nothing like I expected/planned- but I did make the paper! That's me in the red jacket!

Well.. He's home! Safe and Sound! Cheers to that.

Home Coming was WAY TOO hectic. The food was great- but the clean up took forever. Trying to include and please everyone turned out to be a huge mess. I was completely stressed out before, during and after HC -when I should have enjoyed putting on my Home Coming outfit, standing at the pier and being home with my husband. Joe was stressed about getting home to everyone-so he basically pushed flowers in my chest and ran back on the boat. We've both agreed- Never again.

It took us a few days to actually start enjoying our time home together. In fact- as we crawled in bed last night we laughed with each other about how how yesterday was the first day we had a good time together. He has duty today. I'll bring dinner over later and then pick him back up in the morning. We have tomorrow off together-and are excited about that. No plans yet-but those shape up to be our best days together!

No orders for us yet- and Joe is wanting to go overseas for an IA for 14 months instead of to shore. This would put him back to sea for two years(afte the completion of the IA) and then to a shore duty. It's a fantastic career move for him and I'm in complete support of it. No final decisions have been made and our whole life is up in the air until we do make one(should know for sure in the next few weeks). It would be an unaccompanied tour but I would go out and visit a few times while he was away. We'll see. I look at it as a mini adventure. This is the only time(no kids) in our life that it would make sense. He's still screening for PMT(shore duty in Groton). We'll see what his final decision is.

That's it for now.
I'm going to get a lot done today so that we can relax tomorrow.

Thank you(you know who you all are) for the support and love during Deployment.

Samantha(and Joe)
P.S CPO party invites should have been in your mail boxes-please let me know if you're coming!


. Becca . said...

You're a celebrity!! :)

SOOO glad you're together again! :)

Miss Hope said...

Welcome home, Joe!

Glad you two are re-connecting so well and I checked out the article! Love a sassy red jacket! You looked great!

Enjoy your time together and I can't wait to hear what you decide.