Sunday, January 4, 2009


Every time I open an email from Joe- I think "Lame"(thanks for the great new word Steph!). Either he's not getting my emails or doesn't want to respond to my question about a $75.00 sweater. I'm asking other things as well -millions of them- like will you be getting off the boat in time to see my banners or do I need to spot light them? I mean I need to know these types of things! Mostly I want to know about the $75.00 sweater. I need to know if it's lined with gold? Or doubles as a recliner? Or can also be used as a space mobile? It can't just be a sweater if it was $75.00 These are important questions I have.

... Then I try to remember that Stephanie keeps asking about a $2200.00 charge that when looked up says it came from a "floor covering" store. We've decided that we are giving Jimmy the benefit of the doubt and that he didn't really spend $2200 on rugs. Still- I feel slightly better...(Sorry Steph- I love you and Jimmy!)

After I think his email is lame- I re-read it and think he might off himself before they get home. He sounds miserable. He's worried about ORSE. Annoyed with basically everyone. Exhausted. Ready to be home... I won't go on and on and on...but.. Yeah. Totally ready to hang himself in the bathroom.

My current thought is I should have laid low on the cliff bars and packed him some scuba gear. I could have hidden it in SOME locker - right? Then he could scuba home. Wouldn't be the same Home Coming-but at this point... I don't care.

Time has basically stopped. But it's not going slow enough that I'll ever get everything done before Home Coming. It's a weird slowness.



Bri0213 said...

I feel the exact same way!!! Next time we're getting some scuba gear!! Good thought on the spotlighting the banner... I didn't even think of that!

Stephanie said...

Haha oh those boys and their stupid spending. LAME is the best word to describe it :)

USS Retired said...

Scuba gear sounds awesome (hehe). Just tell him to jump overboard and grab a dolphin fin! Hang in there, girlfriend! That "strange slow" will be over and done before ya know it and you'll be wishing you had a few more hours to prepare, unless of course, you're like the super-organizer type (that one flew out the window with me with the birth of our little one); and speaking of ... thanks for visiting the site. It's always great to hear from you and your comment about "the hips?" Makes me laugh seriously - JD has already said then when any boys come a courtin' he intends to be grinding meat in the kitchen and make comment to some "made up" news story about a body that disappeared! LMAO!!!! Man's got a serious plan, heh?!

Wishing you and all yours the best in 2009. Godspeed to Joe for a safe return home to you.

Samantha said...

That kind of time DOES have a weird slowness to it.

Keep forging on. Although the days creep, they are still progressing and he will be there to see the banner and explain the $75 gold lined does a little jig when music is played and changes color with your mood sweater!