Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to normal......

Finally-It feels completely normal.

I'm sitting on the couch playing video games on the laptop with my monkey cup at my feet. My husband is sitting next to me on his PSP. Eric is on one of our leather chairs..PSP in hand. Josh is sprawled out on the other couch with his brand new PSP-that the boys hunted down together earlier this evening. The fire is going. The four of us just had a wonderful dinner together-home made turkey soup. Life doesn't get better. I'm enjoying the "boy banter". I'm loving hearing Joe's belly laughs while they battle the dragons in Monster Hunter 2.

My normal life. My fantastic normal life.

I guess it's not completely normal to play host to two of our good friends(Both groomsmen in our wedding)-but they are our family and we're happy to host. Joe is really enjoying having them here-which makes me enjoy it as well. I think sometimes "guy" time gets lost in married life. Joe doesn't seem to need it as much since I'm so much of a gamer myself but it's fun to see him interact with the guys and enjoy his "guy" time right in our home. I mean this is like the single life and married life rolled into one-. Sex and video games(with the guys!)- He thinks he died and went to heaven(I bet!)

As I look over at my screaming(to the PSP) husband and feel the warmth of our home which is only warmer with guests... I simply think...Yes. this is it. This is what I missed for six months. The simple feeling of warmth.

Ah, Life is good.

Hubs has promised a very long blog in the next day or so- so check back.


Miss Hope said...

Sometimes? It's the simplest things that warm our hearts the most.

Robin said...

Yay for normality! Sounds like a fun night :-)

Kristy said...

I will admit, I stumbled across your blog after visiting another blog. It's very nice. But I am wondering, as a fellow sub wife, do you ever worry about freely sharing the name of your husband's boat, where they were at on port calls? That kind of stuff. I know my FRG constantly reminds us to not share that kind of stuff, because you just never know who is reading it. I am not trying to bash you in any way, so please don't take it that way. I am just honestly curious about it. I am trying to decide if I want to make a blog, and just how much info is okay to share, and how much is too much. Thank you.

Joe and Samantha said...

I don't think I put the boat name until they came home- but mainly(as far as I know/learned)- No releasing port dates/places (via blog or anywhere) until they have landed(some say 24 hours, I ALWAYS wait until I've heard his voice). No mentioning Home Coming date/place/time until they are Home. etc etc.