Monday, January 5, 2009


I miss you and cant wait to come home. Please dont kill your self getting ready for me to come back, I know you want everything to be perfect but if you are there and I get to go home with you then that's more perfect then I need, dont worry about the signs and lights and food and everything I just want to get home with you and be together. I love you and miss you and will be home soon.



Miss Hope said...

That's all that matters, right? Although I would suggest shaving the legs. It shows great effort (ha ha) and really? You. Him. Together. Can you think of anything better?

USS Retired said...

For someone I don't even know - I LOVE THAT MAN of yours!!

And I always loved homecomings. It's like having another honeymoon all over again =). Just gives me chills even thinking about it.