Friday, January 9, 2009

Changing the saying.....and T-yous!

They have that saying... " Good friends will help you move..." There is nothing wrong with that saying- I totally agree. I have to make a new one though;

"REALLY good friends will drive twelve hours STRAIGHT in snowy weather with only a one hour break in the middle to watch you give a presentation"

We left at 11:00AM and pulled up exhausted at 1:30AM(the following day). What a way to pass a day!

There are good things about deployment.

You learn a lot about yourself(what you can accomplish!) and about your family and friends. Yesterday I learned that I have two amazing people that I can truly depend on. Thank-you Stephanie and Eric. I couldn't have done that trip without you. I'd be in a ditch. I think it goes without saying that Joe thanks you as well.

My parents who have been lovingly supportive throughout my life and have continued(I'm so lucky) this love and support during my adult hood. It has been a constant during this deployment.

I got an email from Joe's mom that said... Don't forget to breathe. I smiled and thought- now she's starting to know who I am.

Home Coming is getting closer! Woot-Woot

Current feelings about HC:

1. If I have one more list of things I have to do..... (that I'll never do in time)- I'm really going to barf.

2. This Home Coming stuff is the best diet plan in the world. The thought of food makes me want to hurl.

3. I ran a load of towels. Will he care about the clean towels? He better notice the clean towels... Ah, it doesn't matter if he notices the clean towels. I think I might ralph

4. I really hope my dad can figure out how to hang the banners outside. The one inside looks great. If he can't hang the two outside-I'm going to puke.

5. I better stay calm or my face is going to break out and then when Joe sees me... he will blow chunks.

6. There are a lot of words for throwing up!

7. I can't wait to feel his arms around me.

8. I'm excited to wear my new red jacket and thin black scarf(that was a personal mission of mine and Steph's to find!!!)

9. I have a lot of cleaning left to do.

10. I couldn't have done this without a fantastic support system. I can't end this blog today without thanking them:

-My family: For asking all the right questions and having sympathy in all the right places. For taking time to send Joe all the cards and packages you all did. Meant the world to us both. I love you more then I could explain- Thank you!
-Stephanie: My partner in crime. Thanks for passing the time with me.
-J: For understanding every SINGLE feeling I had or at least for pretending to. For calling Ken whenever I clearly needed to be saved from jumping and getting the answers I needed. For...the best two minutes of my life- " Are you sitting down?", " Yes, Is everything okay?", "Yes- Are you ready to be a chiefs wife?". I'm glad it was you who told me. I wouldn't want that memory any other way. I heart you always.
-Ken, Illene, Erica S: For making the Chief transition easier for me- I needed it!
-Making It Count: Two trainings, Two weekends with no deployment in mind. You are all amazing. Always. Thanks for listening and loving.
-Pete and Sue: For a freezer full of food, good conversation and tears during deployment. It was piece of mind for Joe. And I'm glad.
-Civilian friends: For doing your best to understand. For sending cards to Joe because I asked. For loving us from far away places even when this life is confusing. We have appreciated it every step of the way.

... And to Joe. Thank-you. For helping me appreciate the little things. For being SO good with email(142 of them!). For finding time to call. For all the times you say.."our career". For the best email I've ever received(We made chief!). For making me proud over and over and over again. I will love you until the end of time. We finished this deployment with a lot of laughs, tears, and respect for each other. We finished this deployment knowing how strong our marriage is. We finished this deployment eager to start the next chapter in our lives. We finished this deployment excited. Oh and I can't forget the $75.00 sweater we have to show for it! We can do anything. As we like to say-we're super heroes. I always thought that was just a funny joke we had- now... I know it's true.



Rebecca said...

You're almost done! It sounds like you have an amazing support system!

. Becca . said...

You're so cute!! I'll be pukey too when I see J after deployment. Why is that? Lol!

SO excited for you! :) :)

We're moving in just a few weeks, I hope I can see you before then!

Sam said...

Sounds like you have a great support network...and very sweet of you to recognize them! No doubt they feel blessed to know you as well!


Dani said...

I have to say welcome home! Becca mentioned it on her blog that they made it home. It's weird for me to think about since I saw them over here a few months ago ... guess that means we'll be heading home sooner rather than later. Enjoy every minute of stand down! That's the one thing I unfortunately am missing of hubby's homecoming.