Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A long weekend

Hubby was home this weekend and had Monday off. We met his entire division(and wives) at Dave and Busters. It was a lot of fun. A little crazy but a lot of fun!

We had a nice weekend.

His birthday is tomorrow(the big 27) but we opened his presents in bed on Sat morning since I was going to be in RI for Mothers Day on Sunday. One of his gifts from me was Grand Theft Auto for Xbox and that boy was pretty psyched. He was still playing when I got home at 4:00 on Sunday.

I took my mom to Octagan for a very nice brunch on mothers day. We had a nice day together. The weather was beautiful.

A new myspace blog from Robin that made me smile:

They sure aren’t tiny...
....those rings are damn shiny!!!

Just wanted to share my excitement for the upcoming wedding celebration of Mr. & Mrs. LaCouture who have been wedded in martial bliss since March! I'm very much looking forward to what should be an awesome party in June and even more excited to be such big part of their important day!

Congrats Sam & Joe (p.s. Joe - you have some damn good taste - good job on the ring!)

The joys of great friends.
I'm a lucky gal


Amaze-a-zing Anna said...

Sure! What have you got?

Liz and Joe said...

Happy Birthday Joe!!!! I'll be Joining you at the big 2-7 soon enough. Hope you have a great day.

Robin said...

Happy Birthday to Joe! I am with Liz....I'll be looking at 2-7 a whole 6 days sooner than she will hahahaha. ;-)

Greg just got GTA too....I actually don't mind playing it myself hahaha.