Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ah. Joy.

I notice when I get email from him when he's gone. I read them over and over. I don't know why I do this. They don't change. It doesn't make them longer. I still do it though. Every time. Every E-mail.

We went to a meeting ( Pre-Deployment ) not that long ago. Pretty depressing. It just reminds you to get everything done because they are leaving. It also reminds us about black out period (Usually 30-80 days ) where you don't get any phone calls or emails at all because they are on a mission. It's understandable. Obviously transmitting e-mail would give them away- it doesn't make it suck any less that we understand why it has to happen though.

It's a beautiful day and I wish Joe was home to share it with.

I know I have to get used to this.
And I know I can.
Once again, It doesn't make it suck any less just because I can or have to.

Missing my sailor

Lawn story/pictures coming soon!

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