Monday, May 5, 2008

The story

Some details about the "I do's" :

Joe proposed in the shower and showed me a picture of the ring after we got out. We actually got married without either of my rings. We used our old (but wonderful) puzzle/promise rings. The engagement ring was being custom made and came in while he was underway. He picked it up when he got home and put it on my finger. A wonderful giddy moment was shared over that in the truck...followed by sushi(our favorite). Once we decided we were not going to do our vows again or have a big white wedding, we went to the jeweler and picked out Joe's band and my band. We wanted them in time for sub ball.

He couldn't wait to propose and I couldn't have been happier that he couldn't wait. He proposed on a Monday and wanted to get married the following day. We couldn't get a JOP until Wednesday. We got married in our house with our close friends Pete and Sue. We took care of all the Navy paperwork on Thursday. He went under way that same Friday.

We have a fantastic clambake planned for our closest friends and family. Invites are on their way to you ( as of yesterday ) - June 28th is the date. Can't wait to see all of you.

Wonderful advantages to being married:

I get to call him my husband. I don't think I'll ever tire of how wonderful it sounds.

I can drive on base. This means I can shop tax free at the NEX and Commissary. I can also get gas on base(cheaper). Most importantly I can drop him off/pick him up. I can watch the boat leave/arrive. I love driving on and off base. I can't explain why. I just do. Oh and I can bring him dinner on duty nights. Another good plus.

FSG - Family Support Group. We do all kinds of great things for deployments,underways - etc ( ex: bake sale )

NAVY WIVES CLUB ( Sorry it's secret... Can't talk about it ) - Best site ever. Be there, or be... well not a sub wife.

Joe calls me wife. He does this all the time. He even does it in email. This is (of course) new and I don't know that the excitement of that will ever wear off.

There are so many wife/husband jokes- I can't begin to list them... Good thing you're my wife because you stink ( ok, that's a bad example, but you get what I mean )

Samantha LaCouture sounds like someone important. Someone famous even. I like it. I like " The LaCoutures" too.

Tune in for more reasons why Samantha likes being married.
God I'm getting boring in my old age

P.S Old Man RIVER LACOUTURE is turning 27 on May 14th! Party is May 16th-6pm. Be there:)

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