Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Wedding FUN!

I met all my fantastic "maids" this weekend for some BRIDAL shopping. You know what I'm talking about- the fun day when your mom and favorite people in the whole wide world pick out your "ah-ha" dress and their beautiful dresses...... But...this is the SAMANTHA world...and we all know...... things don't usually go as planned. My friend Becca explains our life as.... " Always Interesting...Never DULL " Even with that motto... I never though we'd have security called on us.

OK, the story......

We are in my favorite store for dresses: White House Black Market... We have my dress and their dress picked out. We are missing a belt on one of their dresses and a size on the other. We kindly ask one of the sales people to call the other stores to find these dresses. Let me just say they weren't overly friendly to us to start with and didn't really have a plan for us in this small boutique. That being said, we shared dressing rooms and happily picked out our wedding attire. Back to sales lady. She tells us she can't call for a few hours or maybe not even until tomorrow. She explains that it is too busy in the store and there is only one other worker beside herself in the store on this lovely morning.

It begins.

I kindly say that she can call other stores right this minute. We will not wait until tomorrow. We have 1000.00 worth of dresses in our hands. She beings to call. Robin and my mom offer other commentary at this point as well. After this point she seems to never shut her lips all the way and has now picked up a new accent she didn't previously have. She comes back with that she has found one of the dresses we need but not the other. She seems glad about this. We ask her if she can call corporate, she says no but says we should check the catalog. We ask her to do so, she claims she can't. Great. Liz whips out her phone and gets online. As the sales lady is checking people out... she continues the drama by saying she is sorry they had to wait so long. No one waited that long. Alicia starts telling this four year old who has been screaming and opening and shutting the dressing room door loudly for 20 minutes that he needs to listen to his mom and stop running. The sales lady then offers to call the catalog. Alicia and I start complaining and asking why she didn't offer that 15 minutes ago? *sigh* This goes on and on...... Until finally the other sales clerk asks us why we are being rude to which Robin says.. We're not being rude...she's being rude. And then although she meant to say you need to just stay out of it... she said You need to shut up.

I hear the sirens coming. The other sales lady tells us she is calling security. We leave. It's funny looking back...but in the moment.... you had to be there.

The others will need to blog to add more details to this story.

Anyway- The HAPPY ending is posted above. Thank you David's BRIDAL for an amazing experience. I can't post my dress picture because Joe reads/posts on the blog and he's not allowed to see.

Some other REALLY great wedding responses:

Dear Sam and Joe - Congratulations and best wishes on your marriage. We'd love to come to your reception but we have family visiting that weekend. Please stop by to visit us when you come to Maine. We'd love to see you. Love Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jesse

One of my new favorites:

Sorry this took so long to send back. We got jello on the response envelope and had to find a new envelope. The Jello envelope is included. Love Dad and Becky.

( Ha-ha - IT had Jello. I verified )

P.S I will post about our crazy landscaping experience this past weekend but there is an unsaid blogging rule of only one crazy story per blog entry!

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Robin said...

Moral of the story: Don't piss off Robin


I can NOT believe I said that, the minute I said that I thought to myself "Oh crap, that is NOT what you meant to say, Robin" LOL. But it was meant to be apparently ;-) I love the new dress so much more!!!