Friday, January 18, 2008

My new workout.....

So... I got up at 6am to check my email(nothing) and then back to bed. Today was a complete day off( Day without pay- had errands, cleaning, grocery shopping...etc) so I snuggled back into bed and woke back up at 9:30am to check my email(nothing). Chatted with Alicia and Joy(awesome Navy wives) while I paid bills and got the deposit ready. I jetted out of here at 11:45. Just enough time to get to the bank before noon. I get to my car and realize that I don't have my keys. Shoot. Don't have my phone either. Double shoot. I'm in Joe's plaid PJ pants, big boots and a red long sleeved shirt. I feel this new "safeness"(Is that a word?) in my house because I tried to break in for about 30 minutes. Then I started the walk to Pete and Sue's. It's about a mile and half. I kept thinking- this could be could be raining. *sigh*. I get to their house- luckily Sue was home. Of course Pete has the keys, so once he got home- he dropped me off and.... home sweet home... and EMAILS from Joe too. I guess it was worth the work out.

Oh, and the toilet had been running, I finally got a picture from online and fixed it ... go me! I re-organized our bills too- Took me a long time on Wednesday- but I LOVE it.

Having my winter blues slumber party with the girls tomorrow night- so back to cleaning!

Here is to hoping for a smoother underway from this point on...

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