Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And he's offfff....

Now that Joe has been gone for a reasonable amount of time... I can write about it....
*sigh* He's gone.

When he's gone...crazy things happen like snow storms, rain storms, toilets running, duvet cover fighting(it always goes on easier when he's home)....etc etc etc.

When he's gone... I'm easily reminded daily of how much I love him...and how loved I am. Some of these "reminders" are not so obvious, like how he stacks wood on the deck so I don't have to go all the way to the wood shed(it's not that far-but I hate being cold). Another subtle reminder is how Joe always leaves cash on the table. He knows I wouldn't go to the ATM and take it out myself because I'm a saver and why take money you don't need?!? He also knows that for some reason my mind won't connect him taking it out and giving it to me as the same thing, so I'll spend some of it on myself(rare). The most obvious reminder is the cards he left. They are labeled: When you are stressed, 1/2 way home, Wait a few days...more then 3, The day I leave. He is sweet. The cards are always perfectly cute, sweet, inspiring(whatever the occasion). Have I mentioned lately...how very lucky I am?

(side note: I ignore all of the card titles and open them when I feel like- why you may ask? I send Joe with cards of his own. One for every day he is gone. He recently confessed sometimes he opens five in a day...or how ever many he wants to feel better. That made me laugh...because...I basically do the same thing. )

....so although I hate the leaving, the goodbyes.... absense DOES make the heart grow fonder...and the homecomings are amazing. Non-military wives may want to envy us. There is nothing like running into the arms of the person you love after they have been underway or deployed. Underways, although shorter then deployments do have it's special little thing.... you haven't heard your significant others voice in a long time.....which makes that homecoming sooooo sweet.

I can't wait for the sooooo sweet. For now... I wait. Not so patiently. But.. I do wait.

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Robin said...

Here's hoping this underway goes by quicky for you both :-)