Tuesday, January 8, 2008

.....Life happens

Well, another certification weekend under my belt- Wooohoo! I had the blessing to find out that I certified on both programs yesterday morning. I LOVE my regional manager- most people will have to sweat it out until the end of the week. Both programs are great - Making Your College Search Count and Making College and Career Count. I love what I do. The other speakers there were amazing- as usual. What a group of people.

Yes, we know.... we have some luck- eh? But... this time DID work out a little better then last time. He was still home when I got home after a very long and stressful weekend. And...for me .... there is nothing better then Joe after my body has had it. I arrived late, sore...tired(about 9 hours of sleep total for 72 hours), lost voice and emotionally drained. He took great care of me.....which was crucial- I had to work my first 11 hour ( But ended up being 12 hour ) day with the girls. I love being a nanny- it's great.... you get your "baby" fix, It's only 3 days a week ( I can speak the other 2 ), I'm not as lonely when Joe's away because I'm busy...and it's a great additional income. Joe and I decided a long time ago that we are going to have kids in our early 30's. It will be closer to his retiring date and PERFECT - he won't miss little league and dance recitals- or at least...too many of them.

Cuties- they are! But Whoa. I have officially decided there is NO way I'm having more then 2 children. Just the 2 was a project. To the park.... almost an hour of "prep" time. It's crazy. Stay at home moms across the country- I stand and honor you....

That's all for now. Off to day two with my two girls...... I have tomorrow off- Whew!


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liz.burns said...

Congrats on the certifications!! Good Job as always! Can't wait for next weekend. Good luck with the girls!