Friday, June 19, 2009

Romantic things....

So...we've noticed we're not typically "romantic" to one another. We don't do what most people would consider very romantic... We take rides on the Harley. We play video games together(currently Warhammer-Waaaggggh!). We bake bread. We read. No flowers or long walks on the beach.... Does that mean we're not a romantic couple?

This was a recent discussion of ours.. and we've decided you can find romanticism everywhere in what we do....

So, I am here to report Romantic things done by Joe this week:

1. He brought my chaps(when I thought I wouldn't need them) during a recent week night Harley "run". Whoa- We didn't get home until 10pm and it was CHILLY!

2. He asked to have my hot dog toasted after it came back boiled. Even though I told him it was fine.

3. It was cold the other night and he brought me a cup of tea without asking.

4. He saved the last coffee pod for me and waited until he got to work to brew his own coffee.

5. He texted me to tell me that he loved his lunch that day. (Salad with ham and turkey)

6. He let me pick the movie when we had Katelyn over.

7. He let me take the lap top to work (even though he prefers to game on it then the desk top at )without any complaints :)

How romantic Joe!

As for us- just counting down the days until CABO ( 11 days! ), enjoying many rides on the Harley, many nights at Pete and Sue's(neighbors we love), and fun just being together.


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mommymichael said...

no worries. many couples aren't particularly "romantic".

I think the important parts are being considerate. Loving each other, and doing acts of love (as joe has done).

flowers and walk on a beach are pluses. and in our busy lives it can be hard to fit things like that in.
this is normal.

trust me. I can count on one hand how many time nate has bought me flowers. but I still love him deeply. =) lol and I know he loves me.