Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Romantic things this week...

This time tomorrow- I'll be in CABO :) Woooooo..... Stay posted for fantastic pictures :)

Even getting ready for our vacation(which means I am stressed out and not so nice) with my MIL and good friends- the love of my life still managed a few romantic things in this week....

They are:

Putting moldy cupcakes in the garbage for me. I tried to. I really did-but I couldn't. And so he did it- without so much of a complaint.

Encouraged me to get two new pair of Bandolino shoes and two new bathing suits before our trip. Over each of our monthly allowances needs approval from the other 1/2. I didn't even have to ask- it was his suggestion. So sweet!

He sat through a very long fashion show of sun dresses while I was packing us up for Cabo. And I mean very long. He got to pick five when it was over - and I know he has definite opinions but instead he said- You look good in all of them. Ha!

He isn't selfish- and it's nice. This was shown when he made sure both of our kindles are charged for our plane ride!

Made dinner and brought it up so I could go on the Lost Vale run with our guild on Warhammer. It's romantic because he's not warded for it (Can't go in) and he still doesn't mind that I get to- and even helps me(run usually takes 3 hours) get through it. This is super confusing to non-gamers- so to put it simply-he let me play video games and ignore my other obligations.

Went kiss toll crazy. We have kiss tolls for everything-walking up stairs, leaving and entering the house. But this week- there were kiss tolls for EVERYTHING- packing kiss tolls, coffee making kiss tolls, laundry beeping kiss tolls.. and since Kissing leads to... - it's been a good week! :)

Speaking of Sex.. He's been REALLY romantic and sweet without being overly obvious about my disdain of not being pregnant. It's not that I'm worried about us- just that EVERYONE is pregnant- even people who don't want to be- and we WANT to be. Anyway, it's slightly frustrating - and he some how understands that and is super supportive of my clearly unhappy attitude about the whole thing.
(Btw- I'm truly happy for those who are pregnant, just wish I could join ya)

lalala- I am the luckiest woman alive!


mommymichael said...

i understand your frustration. and no worries about feelings here, because those frustrations are completely valid! I do hope you get pregnant.
May I suggest not thinking about it? or rather not wanting to be? lol that seems to help.

Bri0213 said...

I TOTALLY hear you on the "not being pregnant" front. We've been trying for months and nothing yet!!! Hopefully Cabo will work some magic for you ;) I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!

Miss Hope said...

Hope you have an amazing time in Cabo! Can't wait to hear about it!