Friday, June 12, 2009

Life......goes on!

Ah! June already?

Things are going well. We've been enjoying riding the Harley on the weekends and have been in quite a few great runs so far this summer. We're looking forward to more time on the Harley and many more runs planned. We'll post some pictures soon. We were thinking of putting in a garden and then decided not to since Pete and Sue told us they put in a garden that was too big for just the two of them. Perfect- We'll just go over there when we need fresh veggies!

We're counting down until Cabo-We leave on July 1st. We're so excited for a relaxing vacation-even if we had to give up building a deck to go. We think it will be a good exchange. We're not really sit outdoors people anyway. We're always out and about so it can wait another summer.

That's about it for us right now. It's just so nice to have him home and be spending quality time together. The Navy underway schedule starts to feel normal at some points and you forget how real relationships get all that time together. I get overwhelmingly sad when I see the Welcome Home banners- It's weird. I'm just so glad those up and down emotions aren't part of my life right now. My husband is home at 5:00. Home on the weekends. He's here to enjoy all life has to offer- he's here for me. He's here to start our family. We have to pinch ourselves in reminder that- YES this is going on! And of course... we appreciate it so very much.

xoxo- Have a great weekend!

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