Friday, June 26, 2009

Joe's Projects

Well it has been a bit since I posted so here are some things that we have been working on, by we I mean mostly me since its about cooking and computers!

My Mom got me a book on bread making in 5 minutes a day, turns out it really takes a few more then that but not many, it also makes great bread. It helps that Sam figured out that it cost like 37 cents a loaf so she is on board. I have been making bread now for a few weeks and it is soooo good! The fact that they are free form loafs means you can make it into any shape you want, great for sandwich's or late night snacks!
My wife is a wonderful woman and knows that some times I have some crazy ideas. They generally work out for the best, and she tends to forget that I am rather handy, like every project she gives me crap but it turns out better then she expected. So now I am trying something new. We have a bin of old computer parts, some I have sold, some I have given away, most are still in the bin. Now its time to make use of them. What better way to do that then destroy a perfectly good laptop?

Yes those are tin snips, yes it was destructive, no it was most likely not required and yes I felt better after I used them. After all the hard work and a few messages from Sam:

It still works! Sweet!!! Now tomorrow a trip to my favorite place, Home Despot so I can get some wood. The whole idea behind this project is to make a wall hanging PC, so we can play music on it, watch a picture slide show, surf the net while gaming, and otherwise make more space on the desk. I did some research ahead of time and set up the software so that we can use the mouse and keyboard on the desktop to work on the laptop, also with the new case I am making it should fix the problem where if you bump the computer it turns off. I will post more pics as I make progress.

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