Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well there were some slight problems, as you may or may not know Electrician's never get shocked, we find sharp things we may not have expected but we never get shocked. I found a few sharp things today in the power supply while testing out the new case mod, turns out there were some frayed wires and they were grounding out the power supply brick, and in one not fun instance they grounded out to my arm. Turns out the power supply brick has the aerodynamic characteristics of a brick, which in turn meant a discussion with Sam about a new one, leading to... you guessed it me fixing the old one and making do.
So after 2 trips to Best Buy, one to get a new power supply and one to return said power supply after talking to my wife about buying it. I ate lunch in the garage with a soldering iron.

After repairing the power supply I learned that the plug to the mobo was too long, so I had to cut out the frame so the wire would fit:

I could not find any uninsulated wire so I went with shot line and a tilt on the screen to make it easier to read while sitting, I am not super happy with the sides but until I can strip down a pair of computer speakers they will do. I wanted to get it up and tested in place.
Over all learned a lot, and would do this again, I do need to strip some speakers and mount them beside the monitor and maybe a webcam have to see.

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