Sunday, November 2, 2008

November is here!

YAY! New month. Progess. Slow..(or it feels slow) but STEADY.

Joe is starting to show more serious signs of being home sick. This just means he is actually sharing(monumental event) with me that he's ready to be home. His last email said he wanted to come home and be spoiled. I told him if he starts swimming, I'll be ready when he gets here. My heart hurts for him.

They watched the 1/2 way video we sent for them on Halloween. They raised a lot of money for our Christmas party(which we will be having super late-but still having!)and he passed out the Halloween bags that I sent to him, my single sailors, Eric and Tony and the Chiefs Quarters. He said it was fun passing them out and that they figured out quickly(Thank you Shawn Sharpe) that if you squeezed the goey eyes HARD enough the slime would gush out. Gotta love boys! Anyway it was fun making them, knowing they would be enjoyed by all. I sent off the Christmas ones yesterday.

Spent a great SAT with my parents. And I'm enjoying having a lot of girl time planned with some of my favorite people this week. Movie/Pizze night with Becca and Noah tomorrow. A night at J's with Sue on Tuesday. And some of my favorite people will be at my place on Sat afternoon. I will make this time go by. I will make this time go by. If I repeat that... I feel better.

I will make this time go by.

Don't forget to vote on the 4th everyone.
This election is HUGE!



Robin said...

You're getting there! Think of how far November must have seemed when Joe left...and now it's here! I hope the last part of his deployment goes by fast fast FAST for BOTH of you :-)

{ Becca } said...

Yay! I'm SOOOO excited!