Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bahrain Part 3

Just a quick note to say that Joe is safely in Bahrain. They(the guys) are calling it Bahrain Part 3 because it's the third time they have been there on this deployment. I'm assuming it's cheap and easy to pull into there or something.


I'm doing OK. Haven't managed to sleep very much yet. I'm just feeling weird about him not being here. I'm getting over it(mostly because I have no other choice).

Stephanie came by to cheer me up a bit last night. That was helpful and together we got the wood stove going! Go us!

I'm trying to stay super busy. I'm excited about Thanksgiving at my mom's. I'm getting ready to go off to training for speaking during the Spring Semester next weekend.

That's all for now!


Rebecca said...

I came across your blog through Glam Girls. I'm a Navy girlfriend and I just wanted to say hi.

Dani said...

I understand about that ... I think we saw them for their Bahrain pt 2 (or maybe it was pt 1). I know it was our pt 1. It's easier to pull into Bahrain because we have a NSA (Naval Support Activity) there. Hope the rest of this deployment goes by quickly for you. Glad to hear that though the reason was not so great, the time you spent together was good.

Miss Hope said...

Dropped by to check on you guys and see how you're doing. Sorry to hear he had to leave so suddenly. Hang in there, girl!