Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gone wrong...

OK... BIG things that have gone wrong during deployment ( Which we are only about 1/3 through.. )

My windshield wiper motor had to be replaced. Over 3 hours of labor- they had to take apart then entire dashboard
Cost 260
Aggravation level: 6 out of 10 ( I had to get rides to work...etc )

The flat roof above our office started leaking into the closet in the office. I noticed it a bit late- and had about 8 soggy boxes to go through.
Cost 1450
Aggravation level: 9 out of 10

The flat roof that was fixed started gushing water just two days later. Turns out they forgot to seal a major seam. Ceiling completely ruined.
Cost +350 ( They had to take some money off the orginial quote for aggravation )
Aggravation: 9 out of 10

Having the entire ceiling ripped out and replaced due to above roofing mistake
Cost : 0
Aggravation level: 8 ( I had to move everything out of the room )

Waking up THIS MORNING to dripping from a different flat roof on my head in my bedroom. Ran upstairs to brush water off that roof to not cause any damage to ceiling. Called Roofer. Got re-dressed and headed off to speech in Massachusetts.
Cost estimated 1500 ( sigh )
Aggravation: 8 out of 10

While on route to speech ( about 15 minutes away ) car stops working. DIES! In the middle of 95N. Call AAA. Have it towed the 70 miles back home(I am a gold member, so that was free-thankfully). Company called a cab. Got to speech 45 minutes late. Completed a 50 minute speech in 11 minutes. Mom picked me up and brought me to her salon in RI where I waited a few hours for our neighbor Pete to pick me up. Brought my car to my mechanic Matt's.
Cost: 315 (altentator)
Aggravation 10 out of 10

What else will happen? Notice I only mention "BIG" things that have gone wrong.
I'm at my limit.


Stephanie said...

Holy crap what's wrong with your car???!! Let me know if you need anything!!

kkrowan said...

I'm so sorry. I wish I knew what else to say. If you need anything let me know!

J Lee said...

They always say if anything bad is going to happen or something go wrong it will happen when they are gone. It usually is true for us, but so far we have been lucky, (knock on wood). Sorry you are having such a hard time with things, I hope for your sanity things calm down for you soon.

mommymichael said...

wow. just... wow.

thankfully, THIS TIME, things have yet to go "wrong". Besides putting my sister into rehab for a prescription drug addiction. but that's a story for another day.

{ Becca } said...

That sucks. A lot. But you crack me up. I like your aggravation level stats.

I can't wait to see what goes wrong when DH leaves. Fun fun.