Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well..Stephanie and I decided to celebrate (vague) 1/3 done with deployment. Again- the reason I have to be vague-and the reason we didn't celebrate on the actual day is- "Loose lip...sink ships". Speaking of- Check out this link to see some of the actual posters that were hung during World War II:

Anyway- We took a little liquor tour. First we had pizza(oh so yummy) and red wine at this quaint little place(that was so us!) in Mystic. We walked over to an Irish pub and sampled their Halloween beer. So good. A definite for Joe to try next year. Then the hunt for dessert left us at AZU in Mystic. Not only did we have VERY yummy desserts-we also tried two different martini's. She had a Milky Way while I had an Expresso and then I had a pear while she had a...what was her second one? We ended our celebration(we toasted at every place) at my house. We gushed over glamour, shared a few cigars and ended our liquor tour at 10:00pm.

So- to Jimmy and Joey- We raised our wine glasses, beer mugs and martini glasses to you. We love you, miss you and are so happy to be 1/3(or so) done! as I get ready for work this morning... I raise my water glass to you Stephanie. Go us! I'm so glad you're part of my life. xoxo

Nothing better then good friends during deployment.
Except maybe the skype ring....or 3:00am wake up calls from hubby... But...good friends is a close 2nd!


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Stephanie said...

Haha I raised my water glass I was dying from dry mouth!! I had so much fun!!
P.S. It was a pomegranatini :)