Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The first email from Chief LaCouture

My first email from Joey the Chief finally arrived. Turns out he got pinned with the same anchors that his COB was pinned with, they came from his first Chief who retired the year before he made Chief. That meant a lot to him.

He swears that he made sure lots of guys took pictures and someone even videoed it for me! Another neat thing that happened is when Joey was in Bahrain...he was trading coins and the one the Mine Sweeper gave him was the USS CHIEF coin! What a neat memory from his transition season.

I really wish I would have got to share those moments with him but I am equally glad we both had our submarine families to fall back on.

Quick Thank-You on my end to:

Illene Breckle- For helping me get all of Joe's new uniforms to send.
Jeannie and Ken- For Keeping me sane and helping me understand the transition
Erica and Shawn Sharpe- For Keeping both Joe and I from jumping off a ledge!
Stephanie- For keeping me company and listening to my complaints/sobbing.
Kelly Kirk- For listening to me complain/cry and offering suggestions/solutions.
Eric Doe and Tony Kirk- For watching over Joe during the transition. xoxo
The USS ALEXANDRIA Goat Locker- The great welcome and support! Can't wait for Khaki Ball!
My friends and family- For all the cards and packages they sent to Joe during the transition.

Well, transition is over. We are excited!
Oh - and the end of Joe's email:

Chief Joe LaCouture

P.S That means you are the Chiefs wife. You instantly just got like 15 times hotter
then you already were.


mommymichael said...

aw hahaha so funny!

btw tag, you're it

*})i({*Kayla*})i({* said...

Congrats to you and your husband on him becoming a Chief!!

I definitely made those changes! It is so hard to remember sometimes, but I am sure with time and when he actually starts going out on the sub I will remember!! =]