Wednesday, April 7, 2010

...and she's here!

Savannah Grace LaCouture was born on March 28th 2010 weighing 8lb 10oz and 20 and 3/4inches long! She had a tough entrance into this world.... Came out with her head and hand together (vac extracted). No movement in her right arm/shoulder when she first came out- plus her heart hadn't been doing good as I was pushing. We were about 10 seconds from a C-section...and we had one more pull with the vac extractor- and phew! I got her out! Luckily the fluid pockets in her head healed and drained on their own. And her shoulder/right arm now has full movement. NICU at L and M were fantastic- as were all the nurses and our amazing doc!

Talk about a birth plan...not going to plan!

Mommy has 30 stiches! Recovery hasn't been very fun, Joe has been wonderful though. And our family is enjoying it's time together.

Here are some pictures. Joe didn't get to cut the cord because she needed NICU attention-but we staged a cord cutting(a shortening). The picture of the three of us is the first time I got to hold her after she had NICU attention. They were actually still sewing me up(an hour later).

The only thing that has gone to "plan" is the breast feeding. She's a fantasic latcher! We were able to get that started on our first try. Took about 4 minutes and she was a pro! We're really glad that we haven't struggled with this.


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Congrats Hun! and welcome Savannah!! It stinks things didn't go according to plan, but it's awesome that you and her are doing good!

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What can i say, lot of payn, for such an angel! Congrats and wish u many happy days with your familly!