Thursday, March 25, 2010

40 weeks and 3 days

Savannah's due date of March 22nd came and went...... and we wait... and wait...and wait... and we're still waiting. Walking 2-3 miles a day and playing around with a lot of what our midwife calls... "seduction induction"....

:) We hope to meet her soon!
Doc Appointment tomorrow morning so we will see what they say!
A very excited Joe
A very over-it Samantha
A very stubborn Savannah


mommymichael said...

almost there sam! yay for letting baby do what she needs to do. willem was past 40 weeks by a few days too. =)

Keri Alane said...

So I haven't seen anything anywhere about a birth so if there is any news can you please update Sam or Joe???!!!!! LOL I hope Savannah has made her entrance already!! I know what it is like to go over due (though mine was only 2 days thank goodness!!) As soon as you get a chance would love to know how you are doing!!!