Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wisdom Teeth....

Day 2 of recovery and doing pretty well.
I'm only allowed to be on the laptop for a few hours ( Big Monkey(that's Joe) has stupid recovery rules...)

Figured I would blog during my laptop time.

They got all three out and the cyst as well yesterday morning . It went well according to them. When they woke me up, I started crying for Joe and my monkey blanket- which he rushed in with as soon as they would let him. I was pretty out of it since I remember nothing of the recovery room. They kept me in the recovery room for a long time ( 4'11", 120 pounds ...takes a bit to "come to" - I guess). Next thing I know... I decide I want my mommy too. (Note: This was my first time having any sort of surgery, being in any type of hospital- I've never even broken anything ). Mommy had already planned to come...and she walked into my recovery room minutes after with a rose bush and get well balloon. Aren't I a lucky girl?

Yesterday I read and laid around ALL day. I did eat more then most people usually do- so I hear that is a good sign. I wasn't allowed dairy yesterday but I had applesauce, pudding and mashed potatoes. Today I'm waiting for Joe to come home during lunch so I can have tomatoe soup and soft grilled cheese with no crust.

So far- very little bleeding or swelling. It's going better then I thought. I get in A LOT of pain before my meds- but I'm glad it's over and glad for such a great support system and all the calls checking in (Thanks- LaCouture family, Campagna family...etc - Joe's told me about your calls - Means a lot to me!)

That's all for now!

OOOOH.. :) So the very last birth control pill was officially taken on Tuesday April 14th. Send Baby Dust our way.... here we go. We've done some research and if the eggs are dropping May 2nd and May 3rd would be our first day to "make it happen". We're just having fun with all the guessing thought. We're in not particular rush. But send lots of baby dust anyway.

Disney COUNT DOWN: 15 days


kkrowan said...

I'm glad you're feeling alright.

Good luck with getting prego!!!

mommymichael said...

look out for "raw egg white" type of cervical fluid on your undies. if you were to touch it, it would be literally stretchable between your fingers. and if your cervix is high, soft and open.. those are all good signs. ;)

I'm glad your healing well!! I had a very rough go of it. I don't remember getting in the car. i just all of a sudden, woke up there.

Jennifer Horkey said...

Start taking a folic acid supplement now and sign up on I loved that website when I was pregnant with my 2 little ones.

Joe and Samantha said...

Thanks for the site. I joined today. Already started the folic acid- they actually reccomend that a year in advance now!

Robin said...

Nothing wrong with wanting your mom! I remember when I was sick on our honeymoon, in my delirium I started crying for "my mommy"...Great words your new husband wants to hear (when he was being super supportive of course)....but nothing beats mom :-)

Kelly Juanengo said...

omg, I am so so excited for you guys! I think you'll conceive in Disney. And you can name the baby Mickey or Minnie! Hehehe, just kidding. Just remember, it took us less than a month - my last pill was Jan 9, 2007 and we had a positive test on Feb 6, 2007 - it could happen pretty fast!!
I am sending lots of baby dust your way:)
And I agree with Jennifer - was my favorite. I still have a group of Oct 07 moms that I talk to daily on that site. :)