Monday, April 6, 2009

April and beyond!!!!!

:) Things are moving along at the LaCouture household.

Lots of appointments and such lately to get ready for this baby we're going to try to have. Whew! Wisdom teeth are finally coming out on April 15th. I'm not thrilled. Poor Joe. Anyway- it will be done, and that will be a good thing.

And no... not pregnant yet. Teeth first.

And our first holiday at the house is rapidly approaching- we are psyched! We have 15 coming to celebrate Easter with us. The menu looks pretty yummy. We're starting with Onion and Orange Salad and a Tossed Salad. Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Corn and Green Bean Casserole for "dinner" and then Apple Pie for dessert(home made by my Momma!). Yum. Oh and I may try a pineapple casserole from Robin's recipe collction. Anyway- We can't wait to celebrate with our families and friends. We have people coming from all over! I was wrapping presents and decorating last weekend and I just got a shake of the head and eye roll from Joe. I tried to explain to him the Easter Bunny comes for everyone. He doesn't understand. Then he tries to tell me that you only decorate the house when you have kids. What!!!!!?!?! ( I say ). Then we agree to not understand each other and go on with our day. It's easier that way!

Oh- We have a freezer! We are so excited. We cleaned out our utility room and made it a pantry. I've wanted one forever. All my "extra" food buying goes out there now. And we're having our meat delivered from Family First. We're psyched. It comes 5 months at a time. We think it will be great for money saving- mostly budgeting! The quality is really what sold us though. Joe also cleaned out the garage this past weekend. He's happy about that. It looks great.

Oh- and we have decided that we will be taking Dee (Joe's sister) out to Japan in September. She'll be doing a year abroad over there next year. We're pretty excited for her!

We're having a champagne brunch at the house because old man river LaCouture is turning 28 in May. I'm pretty excited to have snuck that one by him- he hates when I have parties for him. *eye roll*

What we are looking forward to:
Hosting our first Easter dinner for our family and friends here in CT! Whew!
BBT - Before Baby Trip! To Disney - Count down: 25 days - Wooohoo!
Joe's Bday Champagne Brunch
Trip to Japan

That's all for now.
Samantha (and Joe)

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