Thursday, April 23, 2009

Busy around the house....

My wisdom teeth are doing just fine(being out) - I'm healing and everything looks pretty good. The Doc did my checkup yesterday. We were glad that I didn't have any further problems ( including dry socket ). Yes!

We went on the first Harley ride of the season last weekend. Gosh that felt good. It was a long day -but a great ride. We are proud members(both Joe and I) of the American Legion-so we stopped there to have a drink during our ride. It was BEAUTIFUL OUT-even if I had chaps on. We also got a lot of work done around the house like raking the leaves, cutting down prickle bushes, finishing doors we hung up etc.

We were most excited to hang an anniversary present that came from Joe's father and step mom. Isn't it beautiful. He made it. Yep- you heard right folks- Joe's dad made it. If you could see the stained glass in the light... wooowie. We're so lucky to have it and so glad to finally have gotten it up.

That's it really! We're headed to Maine this weekend to visit Joe's mom- We're hoping the good weather follows us there(since it's supposed to beautiful here but rainy there!)

Less then 10 days until Disney!
Samantha(and Joe)


Miss Hope said...

What a beautiful picture! He made that???? Wow. Does he take orders? Seriously.

Glad you're recovering well and got to take a ride on the Harley. I used to love doing that but got a little on the crazy side when I had kids and wouldn't anymore. I know....stupid of me.

kkrowan said...

What a great gift. My uncle makes those for our family and I love looking at them.

Mary said...

The stained glass is gorgeous! Lucky you!
Thanks for the budgeting tips. I'm going to try I'm sure it'll help.
Have a safe trip this weekend!