Sunday, March 1, 2009

The baby HIM!

I'm at work on this snowy Sunday and an unexpected phone call from my husband comes. He's not one for the phone-so it's slightly odd for him to call me.

It starts with..." Did you know there are a lot of things you can do with your kids projects, science camps and experiments and..." (he goes on and on) - about all these different things he read about today. Even explains this geo thing-where you find GPS points with your kids...blah blah blah.

The conversation is slightly amusing to me for a two reasons:

1. Before Joe met me- he didn't want children. Ever. Never talked about them. Never had a want/desire for them. This information comes from both his mother and father. He never told me this. When I pry- he claims he never met the right person before.

2. He's really worried about being good parents-when he worries, he tends not to talk about something. And if I push- it's just longer I have to wait to talk about it- so I've left it alone. (by the way- he's going to be a fantastic-hands on parent-and I know I'll fall more in love with him as it's happening)

But...Oh I enjoy hearing him talk about it. Today was no exception. Full blown excitement from his end. He found something he can relate to-Projects! Now his mind feeling at ease.... He says:

So...when are we going to start this?
Me: Start what?
This kid thing. I mean.. making this kid.
Me: You wanted the summer together- I was giving you(and us) space and time.
Well, we can have the summer together pregnant-right?

Ah, the heart melt. Why yes sweetie...yes we can.
So... who knows what the near future brings. Originally- we were going to Disney in September(and planned to start trying on VK)- but now it looks like May.



Mary said...

That's so sweet! Good luck and have fun trying!

kkrowan said...

Thats so cute! He will be a great dad, he just seems like that type of person. Very hands on and loving.

Stephanie said...

YAY for babies!!! Someone needs to have them, and that someone needs to not be me :)

mommymichael said...

aww yay!!!

well you can practice getting pregnant every day ;)

Miss Hope said...

You think he's sweet now? Wait til you see him hold that newborn. Talk about melt!!!!!

This blog keeps getting better and better!

Robin said...