Sunday, March 22, 2009

Almost April...Whew!

Happy Spring!

We are so excited it's here! Harley riding season is just around the corner-Whew! We sort of fell in love on that thing- We we're super excited to have what we hope to be our last summer being able to go when we want. With kiddo's on the agenda for the near future- we know our time of jetting off when we want will be limited.

In other fantastic NEWS - Joe's sister(my sis-in-law) Deidre got accepted to Toyo University-She'll be off to Japan next year. We are so excited for her. Hearing her and Joe talk about it on the phone melted my heart. She'll never know how proud he is of her-I wish I could have captured the look on his face. We knew there would be a possibility of her going to Japan next year-and so we've done some extra planning and saving and hope to have the pleasure of taking her out there or visiting her when she first gets out there. Congrats Dee. We are so EXCITED for you.

Joe's enjoying his new desk job. He says that everything moves really slow and he hates that everyone seems to communicate over email-even they are only a few offices away from each other. I'm enjoying getting up with him- making breakfast and sending him off with lunch.

It's a weird but good feeling. I spent my teens and early twenties being pretty sure I would be a career woman. I had visions of suit jackets, high heels and picking my kids up after work. Breast Feeding and Cloth Diapering were not even in my line of sight. And jeans? For every day? Never! Panty Hose please. Darn it. Love changes things. I still do have my career- and I dress up for work.It's not all day. It's not on weekends. It's when I want-and it's challenging and wonderful-but I wouldn't say it was what I dreamed of.

The vision now- you may be thinking? Staying home with my kids. Career on the side(can't give it up completely). I'll speak-as I do now. Hopefully I'll be able to co-op with another Mom in my neighborhood to go off to speak. No daycare. I'll breast feed(Joe insists) and we're going to make baby food and give cloth diapering a "go". We are going to be involved parents. VERY involved. But we plan to keep our relationship fresh and have time for ourselves to keep our marriage strong. This excites me. Like I never thought it would. I like packing Joe's lunch. I like knowing he ate in the morning. I like hearing him pull out of the driveway and cuddling back into bed knowing my man is taken care of. I love loving him. He's my family. And I love my family.

For now.



mommymichael said...

you don't have to stay stationary with kids if you don't want to. Definitely still just get up and go do things. it may take more effort than before (and if we had 2 cars it'd be easier for me to do!)

but yeah... the bike thing will probably not be a good thing with the kids. lol

Joe and Samantha said...

Oh- we'll be out and about ALL the time... But the days of gaming after work until bed and/or jumping on the Harley(as you mentioned)...are..... going to come to an end. We're not totally sure how we feel about it. Conflicted for now - I guess.