Friday, December 12, 2008


Well.. We're chugging along-YAY!

December is okay... I guess!

It's been very rainy! I could do without the rain-but I guess it's better then snow! or ice...or hail...I'm trying to look on the bright side!

The Family Support Group Holiday party was last night. It was nicely done. We had some great baskets for raffle and a fun candle exchange! It was great to see everyone and do a little celebrating. It's always great to feel the support and energy of the other wives/significant others going through the exact same thing as you! I still think that they only TRULY understand your feelings/emotions. Steph came after for a snack and some Grey's Anatomy. Good times!

I still give the holidays without the hubby two thumbs down but... I can do this... I can do this... we can DO this!



Keri Alane said...

Good for you keeping your chin up! I myself am probably going to be a mess behind my smile next year! You can and have survived this much homecoming is just around the corner now!! I hope your holidays are as wonderful as possible!!

Bri0213 said...

It was so good seeing you last night! Your right, We Can Do This!!!! They are almost home!!

Dani said...

They're getting closer :) We just hit our halfway point on my ship ... yay!

Miss Hope said...

Rock on, Girl! Hang in there and know you're being thought of!