Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December is here!

December is here.....

Which normally means all sorts of great things like Christmas lights, warm fires, decorating our Christmas tree, the Quaker Hill tree lightings, stockings, A Christmas Carol in Providence... I could go on- but really, why depress myself further.

This year it just means Christmas cards(which I have already sent) for me. I can't even enjoy the lights people are putting up- I'm too sad that Joe's not here to enjoy them too.

December does mean MIC training for this upcoming speaker semester is THIS weekend. I'm psyched! I hate training/certification -because I get so nervous/stressed out- but I am hoping that the cheerful, uplifting best motivational speakers in the country ( who will all be there ) can lift my spirits this weekend or at least get my mind off of my own misery. Hoping to reconnect with some old friends that I missed at the last training/certification weekend (which only had 9 veteran speakers at-lucky for me my buddy Cortez was there!) because I was at the 2nd training due to a wedding that I was in.

Happy December (sort of)

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