Monday, July 25, 2011

Enjoying EVERY moment

My focus to keep positive throughout this journey......
Positive Thought:

Deployments(even those that are just looming)remind you to enjoy every little moment your family has. It forces us not to sweat the small stuff. It is a constant reminder to laugh as often as possible. Embrace one another. Cuddle even when it's hot. You enjoy these little moments...because for VERY long spans of time there are no little moments. no big moments. There just aren't any moments. It's lonely, sad and at times heartbreaking.

Some of our latest "little" moments:

Icecream for dinner at Buttonwood Farms
Breakfast in bed while Savannah was at Nonna's.
Kiss tolls in the house (This is when you MUST stop and pay a kiss toll- for the monkey council has declared you owe them for some grievance)

Ah, LIFE IS GOOD. We are healthy, happy....and planning to MAYBE try for BABY #2 before deployment (Sam being pregnant while Joe is deployed. Joe comes home to a VERY pregnant wife. We have baby- Joe is there. This is everything going to "plan"- Usually the NAVY laughs at "plans". We still like to pretend though. Anyway... This possible baby #2....should come as a suprise:) It did to us.

Mommy Monkey :)

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