Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well.. August is here. We are shocked.

Lots going on in the LaCouture household. We have finally replaced the ceiling in the office (from the water damage during the last deployment)- Which has been quite the project. We figured we'd do a lot while we were in there. We ripped out the closet to make a bigger room(and craft storage I found in a magazine). We also are in the process of stripping the wall paper. Well that got some water damage too- So we will have to re-plaster those walls before we paint. A lot of sanding involved. I can feel it. Mr Chief Electrician Joe LaCouture did re-wire for a light too. Right now we are mid-project and it's pretty crazy. Our house is messy and dusty... And (drum roll) we have ordered food twice in two days. Yes, that is right- TWICE. Pizza last night and Chinese is on the schedule for this evening. Joe might want to start this project over just for the joy of take out TWICE in such a short span of time!! Joe will post pictures shortly.

Quick shout out to some of our help this week:

Eric Doe - For help moving a few big items out of the office
Stephanie Peterson - The fantastic and cheerful taxi service
Chris Ewing-Chow - Thanks for the help hanging the dry wall ceiling.
Dad LaCouture, Liz and Dee - Ah, so nice when family is visiting when you're mid project. I swear we didn't plan this guys. Thanks for everything!

Speaking of family- Dee is with us for the week and I am psyched. We have a few plans. We don't intend to make her do our projects all week. On the agenda- nothing in stone- but berry picking, relaxing, some shopping....and mostly just getting excited for the three of us to travel to Japan in early September. Dee got into Toyo University in Japan- Joe and I are taking her out there and making sure she is settled. We are all so excited!

As for the rest of August- A few plans. Joe's mom got a new puppy- Jack. He's an adorable Dobie who we are planning to meet next weekend when we go to Maine. We are also expecting a visit from two of our favorite people- Auntie Gail and Uncle Steve mid August. They are going to help us finish a few projects and do some well deserved visiting. We haven't seen them in over a year(When we drove to Chicago). We're super excited about that visit.

That's it from us!
Stay cool everyone and enjoy August!
Joe and Sam

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Rebecca said...

Thank you for your comment. I very, very much wanted to be with Shawn for the rest of my life, but I knew that settling wasn't right. The quote you left really hit home. I have now printed it out and pinned it to my encouragement board at work. Thanks!