Thursday, April 10, 2008

Busy Busy-

When Joe gets home initially, there is always so much to do/catch up on. It finally gets relaxing after the first week or so. So- we're there. It's relaxing to come home to him and vice versa. Our schedules still clash, but we deal. He was home alone the last three nights while I was in PA for work. And that will happen again next week. It's a bit sad with the deployment looming in the distance- but it's work and we have to pay our bills. We jump on our webcams and talk through SKYPE-so that's fun. We actually figured out how to play WOW while I was away. Not the same as playing in the same room-but it was close enough.

We had a little dramatic situation on our end with the Amazon Kindle this past trip, but I'll let Joe explain that to you.

BB's bridal shower was last weekend and that went well. Luckily it was a mixed shower-so Joe was able to come with me. It was a long day-so I was happy about that. I hate when we're apart on Sundays.

Other then that- we're looking forward to Sub Ball this weekend at Foxwoods. Pictures of Joe in uniform to follow. We're hoping to get to Maine the weekend after that- We haven't seen his family yet since he's been home and we miss them. Joe has duty on Sat- but we're (unless it rains) going to do the Blessing of the bikes on Sunday. Gotta get the Harley blessed for riding reason. Should be a good time.

Joe should post later.
Love you all!


Robin said...

Have fun at the ball tonight! I'm sure it will be a blast :-)

Allison said...

whoa you're into riding motorcycles? somehow I missed this. Whenever I finally get down to SC you and Joe should come down during Myrtle Beach's bike week! vroom vroom.