Saturday, February 23, 2008

Being Proud....

Somewhere along the way with Joe, I lost track of overly independent Samantha. I think it is good that she is a bit lost because overly independent Samantha was at times very cold and judgemental. However- With deployment looming in the distance it is time to at least find the independent Samantha. It's wonderful to be in a relationship where the other person can stand on their own two feet. Previous to this relationship, I did everything because...well My way WAS the best way. Joe and I have enjoyed making our life...just that- Our life. We combined ours ways to form the "best" ways for us. This is all coming to end soon. Soon I will have to do everything..and for that... I will call upon my youthful Samantha to step it up. The Samantha who is here and now is sad just thinking about him leaving. Maybe she's in love... you know, the kind of love you read about. I've decided that is what it is. But She and her wonderful Joe deserve a sane woman on the pier. One for the goodbye and the hello. So I'm working on it. Everyday finding happiness and excitment with this "time" I will be filling. Nothing can replace Joe. Nothing comes even close to the happiness we provide each other on a daily basis. Knowing how amazing he is should make this upcoming deployment that much easier. I'll be able to explore some of my own interests, make my own schedules and enjoy all that life has to offer. I can share it all with him when he gets home. He'll be doing similar things. Exploring places I haven't - to share his thoughts and insights when he arrives back home.

..... Joe has duty today and I am busy preparing for deployment. Things for him. Projects I have been working on and am still trying to finish up. I can't share these with you because they are all surprises for him. I'll make sure he takes pictures/writes about them when he's in port- so you can share in the "fun". As I was researching a few things... I came across some very interesting information about Joe's life/job that I wanted to share with you.

It's important to know that when I met Joe- he expressed his feelings about staying in for the full 20 years+. I agreed to support his decision. I have always wondered though...What is it that lures him to continue in a career where he spends the majority of his time in cramped quarters, under great psychological stress with danger around every corner? I believe I found a few good reasons. These only remind me of how amazing Joe(and the rest of the "secret service)is.

I read a lot about the bond of his co-workers. I see this a lot. I feel it a lot myself. It's instant family. It has to be. No one understands better the emotional rollercoaster that is deployment. The stages. The cycles. Well- It's the same for Joe. No one understands his life as well as his co-workers. In addition it is true that no other branch of the military service does TOGETHERNESS mean more then for our "silent service". Each man is completely dependent upon the skills of every other man in the crew. This is key for survival. Each man knows that his life depends on the others creating a bond that is challenging but also comforting. The pride that comes from REALLY being part of team(an elite corps) is part of wanting to continue.

It isn't easy to qualify on submarines. It's highly selective. It's a privledge to serve on our submarines. For me- It's a privledge to serve at home next to Joe. The AIM of the submarine service is to battle danger, minimize the risk and take every measure to make certain that safety(not danger) is maintained at all times. So the question is... Are the men in the submarine service braver than those in other pursuits where the possibility of sudden tragedy is constant? Of course- I'm bias and would say YES(haha). I read that, "It is more accurate, from a psychological point of view, to say they are not necessarily braver, but that they are men who have a little more insight into themselves and their capabilities." It continues to say, "They know themselves a little better than the next man. This has to be so with men who have a healthy reason to volunteer for a risk. They are generally a cut healthier emotionally than others of the similar age and background because of their willingness to push themselves a little bit farther and not settle for an easier kind of existence." I believe that we all have tremendous capabilities but are rarely straining at the upper level of what we can do, these men are.

The country can be proud and grateful that so many of its men care enough about their own stature in life and the welfare of their country to pool their skills and match them collectively against the power of the sea.

Me? I'm just proud to love one.
And happy to support all of our troops in ALL branches of the military.


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Robin said...

You should be proud and I am proud of you too. For everyone who has a relationship with someone in the military we should all be proud of their sacrifices too.