Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas jammies

We were in RI for Christmas Eve with my family( I got the cutest red pea coat from my mom- pictures to follow!) and trucked up to Maine on Christmas morning. We are still in Maine but wanted to post the family in our Christmas jammies.

#1 Christmas RULE in Maine: No opening presents until you're in your matching Christmas jammies!

left to right top: Maggie(lil sister), Bryon(Maggie's bf), and Ryan(lil bro)
middle: Riley(youngest bro), Joe(he's mine!), Dani(Thomas's wife)
bottom: Me and Thomas(lil bro)

Happy Holidays!

Love- Samantha and Joe


Robin said...

Cute picture! Glad you had a nice Christmas...see ya both in a couple days - YAY!

Allison said...

Happy New Year!! Glad your christmas was wonderful. I made my blog!