Saturday, October 17, 2009

18 week belly

Here is it - the 18 week old belly. Appointment on Thursday went well. Doppler picked up his/her heart beat at 150. Very normal. Also baby was down VERY low. This indicated(old wives tale) that it's a BOY. Who really knows though. Our Doc will tell us on December 10th. We can pay and go in town as early as November 2nd. We're not completely sure what we are going to do but we think we'll be going into town. Gives us an extra month to prepare.

You may also notice Samantha is missing about 8 inches of HAIR! I found an organic salon near the house and chopped it off. Since it was still falling out- I thought smaller pieces would be less depressing(And I was right!). Cut is easy and soft- and I truly love it even if I was worried. I haven't had my hair this short in a while! Joe claims it's very soccer mom"ish". At my instance for clarification- he back pedaled and claimed he meant.. " you know...the stylish soccer moms who are busy mom but still hot". Not sure if I buy it- but whatever. He's never been one for complimenting words.

That's all from us!
Samantha, Joe and the Baby (Who right now is the size of a turnip- until Monday when he/she will be the size of a green bell pepper)

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mommymichael said...

awwww baby belly. i can definitely tell you have a baby in there!

Love the hair.

My hair started falling out (both times with the boys) at about 3 mo post partum. so i cut it short, and you're right.. all the hairs everywhere from it falling out, is so less dramatic.
i don't like it short, but nate does so i guess that's a plus.