Sunday, September 27, 2009

Khaki Ball 2009

Khaki Ball was a nice evening out filled with khakis and many different semi-formal cocktail dresses. This year it was held at the Mystic Marriott. The guest speaker was Big Al. He passed on some great words of wisdom and kept the speech short and sweet. And we're always proud when the CPO's raise enough money to make the entire night open bar. Joe was happily telling everyone he had a built in designated driver. The funny part was he was ready for bed after just three drinks. I guess since I haven't really drank anything lately, neither has he. And as we're not big drinkers to begin with...well.. Yeah. My husband was home and asleep by 11:30.

It's a wonderful evening steeped in tradition. A good time for the Chiefs to reconnect with each other. A great time to honor all of the new CPO's and welcome them to the mess. A fun time for wives to dance with one another. The best part is hearing the newly frocked CPO's sing the star spangled banner. We had a nice table. The picture is of Joe and I and then Joe and a long time friend of his- Labue.

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