Monday, May 11, 2009

More on Disney

We did finally ride Aerosmith(MGM) on our last evening before we had to go(sniff,sniff). This is the picture of us in front of it.

It was FANTASTIC. We really had a blast. The perfect trip before kiddos. And we can't wait to go back with our own.

What's next for us? A new patio(with help from our friends/family), Lots of riding, Lots of baby making(we hope!) and our really exciting trip to Japan together. We're going to be getting Joe's little sister Dee settled for her year abroad there and enjoy some time together. We're super psyched about all of the above!

Oh and make sure to play our video game we made in Epcot! It's great:

Love, Joe and Sam

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Robin said...

I got 87 loops = yay! Really cute you guys!